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For Your Dog

To make life easier for yourself and your little companion.

All of these products are available for easy purchase on Amazon and are listed here in no particular order.

For Playtime

Dogs love their squeaky toys, but when you're having a movie night or taking a nap, it's not the best time to hear squeak, squeak, squeak.

This plush penguin from TrustyPup can be chomped any time of day, squeaking at a frequency only your dog's ears will pick up and is completely silent to you.


This squeaker is made with Chew Guard Technology and a tough, durable liner to withstand rough play and last longer.

And as children can have trouble telling the difference between pet toys and their own toys, this product has been designed to meet child safety standards.

Safe for pets. Safe for kids.

View the TrustyPup Ultrasonic Squeaker Toy


For the claws


Cutting your dog's claws is important, as they do not generally wear down sufficiently on their own and overgrown claws cause pain to your dog and affect their ability to walk properly.

The process can be difficult for you and distressing for your dog, especially when using clippers. That is why pet owners are turning to nail grinders to a perform a precision job without hurting their pets.

The LuckyTail Nail Grinder is an innovative device at a great price. It's painless and ultra-quiet, making it the only grinder dogs are not afraid of.


With a diamond bit grinder, two speeds, a powerful motor and lightweight design, this product will make your task quick and easy. Plus, the motor is whisper quiet, keeping your dog calm and relaxed during the process.

No batteries required, as the LuckyTail Grinder conveniently charges through a USB connection.

See the chart below for a comparison with another popular brand, clearly showing why LuckyTail is top of the line for trimming nails on dogs of all sizes.

why should you choose luckytail?


The LuckyTail Nail Grinder is an inexpensive choice if you want to trim your dog's nails painlessly.

View the LuckyTail Dog's Nail Grinder

For walks


When it comes to walk-time, attaching the lead to a harness rather than the collar provides more control for you and more comfort for your dog.

This reflective harness from PoyPet has dual elastic on the belly straps, providing stretchability to help absorb jerks, reduce strain and the risk of getting hurt.

PoyPet offers a range of colors and sizes to choose from and a clip-up design, making it easy to put on and take off.

The harness is made from soft breathable non-toxic mesh padding, designed to evenly distribute pressure of pulling to the body to prevent choking.

It is perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventure and more. Please note: it is important to measure your dog's neck and chest girth to get the right size for a firm, comfortable fit.

For trips


Being organized for travel can make for a relaxed holiday, especially when you need to ​to retrieve an item quickly in mid-trip. This bestseller travel kit form Abrimelodi will ensure your pet's items are put in an orderly fashion so that when you open the bag you are not struggling to find what you need.

The large dog travel bag (volume up to 25L) comes with 2 large leak-proof food storage containers (5L volume x2), which can hold a total of 1-2 weeks of food for pets. The dog travel bag large breed also comes with 2 collapsible dog bowls and 1 EXTRA dog treat training pouch, suitable for a weekend away and easy to feed on the go.

The airline-approved dog travel bag fits under seats, and is equipped with a handle, padded shoulder strap, and luggage belt, which can be used as a handbag, shoulder bag, or slide over the luggage.


The thoughtful and convenient design makes it easy for you to transport your pet with no effort.

Designed with large compartments to store dog treats, toys, food, and more. Also, a spot on the side to store poop bags! Comes with multi-function pockets and an adjustable divider for flexible room and organization, it is the most convenient dog suitcase for all dogs sizes.

View the Abrimelodi 6-Piece Dog Travel Kit


For the coat


The LANMU Pet Groom Tool can gently and effectively remove loose dog hair before it is shed around the home, keeping your house clean, while also removing dead skin cells from your pet's body to improve the coat condition.

It is widely compatible: LANMU Dog Groom brush perfectly fits Dyson V6 DC35 DC45 DC58 DC59 DC62 Vacuum Cleaners, also applying to Dyson V7 V8 V10 V11 Vacuum Cleaners with Quick Release Convertor Adapter.

LANMU provides a lifetime warranty and friendly after-sale service, making this risk-free shopping for you.

The LANMU Grooming Tool Brush Attachment is suited for most long and medium haired dogs and other animals. It is the perfect solution to deal with their hair.


View the LANMU Attachment for Dyson Vacs

If you share your home and heart with a dog, and it has the run of the house then you probably have dog hair issues. You wear it on your clothes, and can even find it in the car regardless of whether your dog has ever been there.

Dog hair and the problems that are associated with the shedding process are part of owning a dog.  Regular brushing and grooming of your dog can help reduce shedding and keep their coat healthy and looking its best.


The LANMU attachment for your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner makes the grooming process quicker, easier and more thorough.

Blow Dryer

Grooming your dog is very important to their hygiene. This involves bathing, combing and drying. Proper drying is an important step in making sure the coat looks its best. Even with a good haircut, the coat can still look messy if not properly dried. This is where a good dog blow dryer comes in.


Top groomers say they choose the Pet Control HQ dog blow dryer because the rugged motor delivers a quiet yet high-velocity blow force, and the built-in 1100W heater cuts down on drying times for faster grooming than with other dog hair dryers. In fact, many say they can do a full salon-grade blowout in under 10-minutes (even down to the undercoat).


The Pet Control HQ dog grooming blow dryer has forced-air settings that go up to 1040 grams blow force (and adjustable wind speeds of 50 to 180 mph), including ‘Blower Mode' that lets you quickly clear loose hair on shedding dogs. Plus, the 4 insulated Polyurethane nozzles (not cheap PVC) focuses the high-velocity force blow dryer for massage-like pressure that blows away moisture, dust, and debris without burning your hands.

This professional dog blow dryer even has a separate heater so you can adjust temperatures between 86F-158F (30C-70C). Pick just the right amount of heat to give any sized dog a spa-grade groom at home with a heated flow that keeps them warm in winter months without overheating sensitive skin, or turning fur black, or causing nasty ‘burnt fur’ smell.

The first touch of the solid metal body and case will tell you that this dog hair dryer is built for daily dog grooming use on even the biggest of dogs and thickest of undercoats. Unlike noisy K9 blowers that scare-pets, this dog dryer is a professional and quiet pet dryer (less than 78 dB) so your dogs won’t freak out when it’s turned on.


Armed with this professional dog grooming kit your dog will finally enjoy the bathing process.

View the Pet Control HQ Blow Dryer


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