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Discover why people fail on the Keto Diet

Do you ever wonder why your keto diet keeps failing?


Don’t make this rookie mistake!


Instead of risking falling off the wagon to start your journey from zero again and again, simply follow this GOLDEN Keto Rule…


The #1 reason people fail on the keto diet is because they overlook one important aspect.


Contrary to what you may think, it’s NOT:

  • Eating too many carbs

  • ​Eating too many calories

  • ​Constant snacking on high calorie foods

  • ​Exercise

… Or anything similar to that.

In fact, those are actually consequences from breaking the ‘Golden’ Keto Rule.

Just by following this Golden rule, you take away the risk of falling into those common traps listed above.

You won’t fall off the wagon like most folks, and you’ll wonder why everyone struggles so much when you have it so easy…


Even Keto veterans make this mistake!


But not you…


Your journey to drop those stubborn LBs, fit back into your favorite clothes, and toss away all of the baggy shirts, will be smooth sailing if you just follow this Golden rule.

So what is this Golden rule?



Sounds simple, right? But so many dieters fail to do this. Why? Because it takes work (I’ll tell you how to make it a lot less work).


Meal prepping is crucial to get into and stay in ketosis because the macros are so specific.


It’s specific to your body type, your weight, your physical activity, any underlying health conditions, your food preferences, and much more!


Prep is 80% of the work (which sounds like a full-time job). The last 20% is simply eating what you prepared.


But what if someone else could take care of the Prep for you?


They come and swoop away 80% of the work from your hands, so you just focus on sticking to the plan…

No confusion, frustration, or even thinking.


Well, it’s possible!


There is a special service that acts like your own private nutritionist, chef, and personal trainer…

Except you don’t have to pay the enormous amounts of money to have each one on staff.


You can create your own customized keto meal plan at Custom Keto Diet


There's very little risk and you can even try it for 7 days for the price of a cup of coffee

What exactly do you get with the customized meal plan?

  • An eight-week meal plan based on the experience and expertise of industry leaders.

  • A diet optimized to your own ideal calorie and macro intake.

  • ​Delicious meals based on your food preferences.

  • ​Instructions on how to further customize your meals.

  • ​A meal plan with lots of food variety.

  • ​Crystal clear, step-by-step recipe instructions.

  • ​A downloadable grocery list.

*Inside your custom keto diet dashboard*

They base your meal plan and exercise routines according to your exact needs and conditions… and even give you a grocery list so you know exactly what to get.


You won’t find anything like this in an Amazon cookbook, YouTube, Facebook, or a Blog… because it’s personalized and custom to you!


Thousands of men and women are already using this service and are extremely happy with their transformation, and how much easier this has made their life.


Eating clean, healthy, and staying in Keto is not a full-time job anymore.

You can easily customize your Keto Meal Plan with the simple tool at Custom Keto to help you figure out exactly what to eat and how much to eat.

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